Mercedes Benz

Strong but light at the same time, that’s how the Mercedes Benz Axor’s superiority has been defined, which turns heavy load into easy utilization by overcoming tough demands of mining industry and related work areas.

The advanced construction of the Axor demonstrates that a high load capacity and low kerb weight are not mutually exclusive. Proven by its power ability, application specific design, and lineup model variants, the Axor is the best choice and worth for everyday use, supported by the chassis, engine, gearbox, suspension, wheelbase, and cabin options. As good brakes are not enough to guarantee safety, the Truck Mercedes Benz Axor has been prepared for the worst, by applying a short braking distance and adding many other details that further enhance the protection of our user.

Furthermore, steel and ideas are combined in the construction of the Mercedes Benz Axor to generate that high load capacity and friendly use can be accommodated in one product, which grant it as a dependable transportation partner for long-haul road and heavy terrain use, such as in mining areas and project sites.

Appointed as the distributor agent for the Mercedes Benz Axor in 2021, PT Eurotruk Transindo, an indirect subsidiary of Kobex, has become a 3S agent which includes Sales, Service, and Spare Parts. This trust is accomplished after showing their expertise for Repair Services and Spare Parts (2S agent).