Engine modelWP7G270
Wheelbase (mm):6560
Operating Weight:18500 kg
Rated power/rated speed (kw/rpm):199kW/2200rpm
Maximum digging depth of blade (mm):500
Wheel tread (mm):2270



Products Description

A new generation of heavy-duty hydraulic drive self-propelled grader developed by Shantui, and its technology has reached the domestic advanced level.
This product inherits Shantui’s many years of experience in the production of motor graders, with excellent quality, stable and reliable performance.
It is mainly suitable for pavement leveling, slope scraping, embankment filling and other heavy-duty operations in large mines, highways, railways, airports and other grounds.
It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for mine construction, national defense engineering, road construction, and water conservancy construction.
Weichai WP7 electronic control engine, whose emission meets the national emission requirements for non-road machinery EURO III, is intelligent and efficient, has strong parts versatility and low maintenance costs;

The whole machine is developed and designed according to the working conditions of the mine, realizing the reasonable matching of power, efficiency and energy consumption.
High-efficiency shock-absorbing seat to maximize the comfort of operation, and the operator will not be tired after long-term work;

The cab is equipped with air-conditioning as standard, with an overall sealed vibration damping system, double-layer sealing, anti-ultraviolet glass equipped with sound-absorbing sponge, low vibration and noise, and the noise at the driver’s ear can be reduced to 85 decibels;

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