Operating Weight:80 000 kg (176 366 lb)
Heaped Capacity:32 m (42 yd3)
Engine Power:Gross Power 389 kW (520 hp)
Net Power 367 kW (490 hp)
Travel Speed:



Overview Configuration Selling Point
The machine is equipped with a dedicated turbocharged engine that delivers high power and efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving performance. The load-sensitive, constant-power, and electro-proportional control hydraulic system ensures the provision of appropriate pressure and constant flow based on the load demand, with reduced energy loss.

Ease Of Maintenance And Operation Comfort
The fully openable engine hood is equipped with a positioning mechanism, allowing for effortless and safe opening. The spacious engine compartment provides convenient access for maintenance. Refilling windshield washer fluid, replacing air filters, and accessing the main power switch are all easily accessible. The diesel pre-filter is conveniently located on the right-side door to facilitate easy maintenance.

Adaptability To Diverse Working Conditions
With its heavy weight, the machine demonstrates good stability. It is equipped with hydraulic cylinders with a large diameter to provide large digging force, and features the industry’s largest bucket capacity. The machine offers multiple preset working modes, enabling its versatile application in diverse working conditions, including excavation, leveling, crushing, and lifting operations.

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