Operating weight ((kg):5960
Engine power(kW/rpm):36/2000
Bucket capacity(m³):0.22
Travel speed(km/h):2.3/4.0



Overview SHANTUI SE60 

Configuration Selling Point
The machine is equipped with the dedicated engine that ensures exceptional efficiency and energy savings. It is also equipped with a large-flow main pump, paired with a low-pressure-loss main valve, to provide fast speed and high operational efficiency. Additionally, it features an intelligent electronic control system that allows for complete control of the machine status.

Ease Of Maintenance And Operation Comfort
The fully openable engine hood presents a spacious maintenance area and easy maintenance. The centralized layout of electrical components facilitates convenient inspection and maintenance. Routine maintenance such as coolant filling and air filter cleaning/replacement is within easy reach.

Adaptability To Diverse Working Conditions
The machine features optimized structural components to ensure durability and high-strength, wear-resistant buckets are built to durable. The use of thrust wheels of the same specifications as those in the 7T class ensures sturdiness and durability, with an extended service life. The machine also offers multiple preset working modes, allowing for easy switching based on working conditions.

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