AROCS 4045

Type Truck:Rigid Truck
Engine power:421 horse
GVW:40 t
Mesin:OM471LA, 6 cylinder



Arocs  4042 (6X4) Rigid Truck.


The Arocs 4045 K 6×4 Tipper is equipped with an OM 460 6 cylinder in-line diesel engine with a capacity of 12.8 liters with Euro III emission standards. This machine is capable of producing a maximum power of 310 kW or 421 horse power and a maximum torque of 2100 Nm.

To intake air into the radiator, the air intake is placed at the back of the cabin and attached. To prevent the entry of dirty air and dust grains, it is equipped with a Cyclone Filter.

This truck is equipped with an exhaust brake, 2 cylinder air compression. To transfer engine power to the wheels, a 16-speed G 330-12/11.63-0.77 type transmission is used which will only be available in October 2018. The clutch uses a double disc clutch type, but a single clutch type is also available.

For its legs, the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4045K 6×4 Tipper uses a straight type for the axle at the front with increased ground clearance. This front axle can withstand loads of up to 9 tons. For the front wheel suspension, 4 blade leaf springs are used and are equipped with a stabilizer.

For the rear axle, a 300 planetary crown wheel axle is applied with a maximum load capacity of 16 tons. This axle is equipped with a differential lock with an axle ratio of 1: 5.333