Truck and Trailers


Truck and Trailers

Power:66 Kw
Maiin Filter:185000 cm
Weight:5300 kg
Maximum Vacuum:5000 DaPa



We offer containers of various types with capacities from 3 to 12 m3 and integrated filter system with cleaning automatic filtering. All our containers are equipped of anti-abrasion deflectors for the reduction of incoming dust.

Every vacuum unit that comes off the assembly line is subjected to close inspection and testing by our technicians. The quality control department is responsible for the final test of every vacuum cleaner, certifying every system on cards, whose data must correspond to the most stringent performance criteria.

This general catalogue can only provide a summary overview of our product lines. For further information, please request our more detailed
catalogues that can be downloaded also from our website. All over our documentation is translated into English, German and French.

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