Specification:LL 55
Engine model:WD10G220E23
Operating Weight:16400kg
Bucket Capacity:3m³
Engine Power:162kW/2000rpm
Wheelbase (mm):3250



1. Power System

● Weichai WD10 engine, specifically designed for Shantui.

● More powerful & reliable, fuel economy.

●The three-stage desert filter element features simple maintenances and low cost.

2. Transmission system

● SHANTUI self-made speed increase transmission and torque convertor.

● Perfect match the engine, nice acceleration performance.

●Large traction and lfting force, strong explosive force and high eficiency.

3. High operating efficiency

●Standard 3.0m3 GP bucket.

●Optional: heavy duty bucket or light material bucket.

●Optional: coupler, side-dump bucket, forks, snow blade or wood clamp.

4. Reliable Structure

●The front and rear frames with reinforced structure, high strength and long service life; the wheelbase up to 3250mm,moving with load more stable.

●CAE analysis of structural parts; high-ficiency Z-bar linkage system; fast movement, large digging force.

5. New Industrial Design

● Streamlined design, attractive appearance.

● A spacious, safe, quiet operator environment featuring ergonomic controls.

●Optional with Climate control system.

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Operating weight (Kg:10800
Engine model:WP6
Wheelbase (mm):2900
Engine Power:92kW/2000rpm
Bucket Capacity:1.8m³



Power System

● Weichai low-speed energy-saving engine + 5t planetary gearbox drive system feature low fuel consumption, low failure rate, and high energy-saving and efficiency.

Driving/Riding Environment

● The new generation cab with all-new design optimization and large door structure is mold formed to guarantee broader vision and more fashionable appearance.

The framework structure in four sides enlarges the interior space by >10% to ensure high safety, comfort, and reliability.

● The extensively adjustable seat provides the driver with the most comfortable operation;

● The locations of joysticks, pedals, and seat are reasonably arranged to achieve higher operating comfort.

● The standard radio and audio provides more abundant personalized driving/riding experience and guarantees the comfortable and safe driving/riding environment.

Operating performance

● The locations of joysticks, pedals, and seat are reasonably arranged to achieve higher operating comfort. The optional pilot control system features flexible and convenient operations.

High operating efficiency

● The new bucket in optimized bucket shape is added with overflow plates to improve the bucket fullness rate and shoveling and loading efficiency.

● High tipping load, good heavy-load stability, and high

● Weichai electronic control engine special for Shantui and Shantui’s self-made special speed-increasing transmission achieve optimal match performance, good acceleration performance, and fast machine acceleration, and realize high traction force and lifting force, strong burst force, and high operating efficiency under composite working condition (Simultaneous traveling and working motions).

● The double pump confluence working system and load-sensing coaxial flow amplified steering system achieve flexible operations and fast and stable steering speeds. The working pressure is increased to 18MPa and the lifting force is increased by 12% to achieve higher shoveling and loading efficiency.

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