EFG 110-115

Operating Weight:
Bucket Capacility:
Engine Power:
Travel Speed:



The extremely compact and agile series 1 counterbalance forklift trucks are the most economical solution for the rapid turnover of goods, both indoors and outdoors. They combine maximum efficiency and flexibility with a high level of safety. Its compact design and the 1-motor rear-wheel drive enable 180 degree turns on the spot for maximum manoeuvrability. This allows fast and accurate goods handling – and ensures highest performance even in confined spaces, especially when loading and unloading HGV. Our proven lead-acid batteries with direct access guarantee a high degree of efficiency and stamina. The traction and lifting motors with maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive technology as well as an ergonomic cockpit with all-round visibility make for safe handling and optimal working conditions. Individual adaptation options for the driver build the basis for highly efficient and ergonomic work in any storage environment.

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