With the strength of our consistency and sustainable growth over the years, Kobex has proven its good service level and reputation by only providing high-productivity products to keep the positive trend. We also enhance our employees’ knowledge and skills with learning center as well as professional development to support their careers, in order to reach mindset that focuses on customer needs and quality.

To overcome the industrial challenges, we ensure a competitive price for leading products that meet market needs by focusing on our quality and services, enhancing the capabilities and competency of manpower, implementing the cost efficiency and high reliability operations with the good environment of facilities.

As our priority to give the best solution for customers needs, Kobex is committed to maintain the high availability and short lead time delivery of products, along with offering the best solutions and quick response through trustworthy after sales service, particularly in providing spare parts components. Therefore, it leads to another positive result, by achieving the biggest market share on several segments.


Building Strength & Competitiveness through Leading Products & Support.


For Customers

To give utmost satisfaction to our customers through our products and services.

For Shareholders

To generate maximum earnings per share and the best dividend.

For Employees

To provide equal opportunities for all employees to reach their ambitions.

For Business Partners

To form a continuous partnership which is mutually benefcial for both parties.


Kobex, inclusive of its subsidiaries, has been serving an outstanding product in equipment and machines for numerous industries throughout the archipelago.

We carry a mission to put forward the world-class principles and international quality standard products, by providing advanced productivity machine as well as high-level satisfaction to our customers.

To get more effective work and utmost result, our Unit Sales Business was divided into Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery divisions.

The line up of our high-quality products in the mining and mineral recovery, material handling and logistic solution, environmental solutions, as well as construction and agriculture equipment such as Excavators, Articulated and Rigid Dump Trucks, On/Off-Road Heavy-Duty Trucks, Racking, Forklift, Industrial Sweeper & Scrubber, Light Tower, Large Tracked Paver, Pneumatic Tyre Roller, and many more.

Apart from that, we also constantly develop our woks by getting involved in charity to support humanity through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and keep the public updated with our activities through news and event regularly.