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With regular training in a range of rigorous plans from entry-level to advanced, Kobexindo career promises defined paths for all personal development, which is possible to happen with standardization training and certification programs.

Through a culture of open communication, all team members can share their opinions and suggestions, to create collaborative environment where peers constantly help each other to advance and build a great teamwork. Despite all of our efforts, we remain convinced that no single person can reach success without the help of their colleagues.


Kobex believes that the value of every employee is an important power to grow and create a better future. Therefore, we provide a positive working environment in which all individuals have equal opportunities without discriminatory practices, that can inspire employees and develop their skills.


In order to enhance employee career growth, Kobex places a high priority on personal and professional development. Thus, we provide opportunities for our employees to learn the company’s values through training sessions and programs that Kobexindo career provides.

The goals of our training programs are to develop business as well as technical knowledge, skill-building, values, ethics, and corporate governance, which we believe as the foundations for both individual and company growth.


According to the number of elements that the company has carried since its establishment over the years consisting of core values, system, and culture, Kobexindo Management System (KMS) has been developed as our ultimate guideline that involves all employees. We implement the Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) to manage and improve the business quality by achieving customer satisfaction and increasing competitiveness.

With all the respect and upholding the good work values, our employees are cultivated with the Kobex way, where manners in facing their tasks and executing the strategies are in line with the company’s philosophy.